Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Blogging

Sad isn't it? I made a resolution in January to blog every 2 weeks at the very least. Then we moved, and ... what happened?? My last post was in May! I got discouraged, actually. I started thinking about all the other blogs out there in blog land that are prettier than mine, and who simply do it better. I'm gonna be honest with you, I can't blog every 2 weeks--at least not right now. I tried. It didn't work.
I started thinking about how many other blogs there are that are doing the same thing my blog is trying to do. I guess mine isn't really needed.

Then I started thinking about my mission statement. Remember that? And I was wondering if blogging actually fits in with my mission statement. Initially I had categorized it under things that I enjoy and keep me refreshed, but I wasn't enjoying the panicked feeling I was having, or feeling like I should apologise when I didn't get a post up in time.
I started thinking how embarrassing this blog is.  It's really been nothing but trial and error from beginning to present.  Stuff started and not finished ... like GAPS that we had to give up on for now ... or the running that I couldn't keep up with ... etc. And I seriously considered just deleting the whole thing.
But then I had a sweet friend tell me that she missed my blog posts. She actually misses my blog! I cried.
And then I started thinking that maybe I do have something valuable to share. And maybe I'll never get a hundred million followers who love my blog and pin stuff up on pinterest. And maybe I don't have to post on a schedule, at least not yet. But maybe none of that matters! And so, I'm back, yet again. To post when I have time and will enjoy it. About our lives, and what I'm learning, and homeschool and anything else that finds its way to these pages. :)

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