Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Management Notebook: The Skeleton

I got to thinking that I should share not only the forms that I used and created, but the pieces that make up the binder itself as well.
For the actual shell I used and Avery Binder. You can find an Avery view binder, 5.5"X8.5" size at your local staples or you can find them on Amazon or online office supply stores.  I personally decided to use this comfort touch binder from Avery. It has more of a "planner" feel to it.  Avery also makes a binder this size with a pocket attached to the inside front cover that I really liked and almost decided to buy.
Click here to download the Covers and Divider sheets
Click here for the tabs
I made the dividers by getting Avery half sized sheet protectors. It turned out really well because there were 15 sheet protectors in the pack and I had 14 dividers plus my mission statement. I wanted pretty dividers so I designed the dividers to match the front cover. Then I slipped 2 copies into each page protector so that it would be double sided and a little firmer. I made tabs that fold in half so I could see them from both sides, and then I just used packing tape to attach them to the page protector. The tabs download has both the tabs for the HMN and for my Bill Pay binder. I apologise for that.  I included a blank background for the dividers, and also a background with a blank square in case you like my dividers but the names of your sections are different than mine. There's also a page that I intended to be my back cover. I ended up not being able to use it since there's no clear view pocket on the back of this particular binder, but I really liked it, so I chose to just leave it there.

Lastly, here are some links to business card holders similar to the ones I purchased,
(I didn't see this one before, but I think I like it better!) and theclear zippered pouch.

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