Monday, March 21, 2011

Re-evaluating Everything

I had a thought the other day, and I've been thinking about it a lot.  The more I thought about it, the more right I believed myself to be.  The thought was this: walkers are fit but not trim; runners are thin.  I'm thinking about people I see walking/running through my neighborhood and along the Highways as I drive through town, and people I've worked with.  By and large walkers are middle aged to older women, most likely walking for energy, heart health and such.  In warmer weather, when they wear shorts they usually show muscular calves but their upper thighs are typically loose, they have thick or blocky mid sections.  By contrast I see runners of all ages in both genders and never do I recall seeing a fat one.  Runners have shapely legs and thighs, small wastes, and tight, high backsides, very proportionate and little to no excess fat.  There are, of course exceptions to every rule, but by and large this is what I notice.
One of the reasons I thought might be the case for this is that runners always seem to be training for something don't they?  I mean there are the 5K's, the 10K's, Half marathons, Marathons.  Once you accomplish a good time on one you've got to move on to the next right?  What do walkers do?  The walk the same route at about the same speed day in and day out.
So I've been thinking about this and my running goal and I was getting pretty excited.  I'm finally going to lose this excess flab I've been carrying around on my mid-section for almost 8 years.  Then my brother posted this video on Facebook.

So now what?? I don't know.  I'm going to keep running for now.  But I'm also going to be researching this more.  When I come up with a new plan I'll post it here.


  1. That's really interesting that you see more fit runners than otherwise. Most of the runners I see are pretty flabby ones who look like they're trying to get in shape but are actually ready to keel over. (I know there are plenty of fit runners - like my lovely sister and brother for example - but I just don't see them. Must be my neighborhood.)

  2. I know the runners you're talking about. I've see them too here and there, that's probably what I look like--good thing I'm on my treadmill in the saftey of my own living room :)

  3. Very interesting video! Have you come up with your plan yet? I'd be interested in hearing it. I'm really struggling with the motivation to do mine.

  4. I'm working on a blog about that :) hopefully it should be up in the next week or so!